What you should know about Army APFT Standards

The Army Physical Fitness Test Standards or otherwise referred to as Army APFT standards are fitness measures used by militaries across the world to keep soldiers fit for army service. The Army APFT Standards evaluates endurance, muscular strength, respiratory and the cardiovascular fitness. Generally, Army APFT testing is done differently based on gender and age.

Key Events in Army APFT standards

Sit-ups, push-ups, and a two-mile run are the three events used in the U.S Army APFT standards testing. The testing events are carried out in accordance with standards outlined in the Army physical training readiness standard. The standard has to be read out loud prior to the beginning of each event, followed by a demonstration of how the exercise should be conducted. A set of commands are used to guide soldiers throughout the testing.
The push-up: The push-up event tests the endurance of the shoulder, chest, and triceps muscles.
The Sit-up: The sit up event is used to measure hip-flexor and abdominal muscle endurance.
Two-Mile Run: This is used to measure a soldier’s leg muscle endurance and aerobic fitness.

Army APFT Standards Scoring

Several factors that may depend on the specific type of exercise, gender, and age are used in APFT scoring. Most commonly, the number of repetitions done during sit-up, push-up or running exercise used to score. Typically, the score for every event ranges between 0 and 100 points, and at least a 60-point score is needed for one to pass. The overall score is found by adding scores from the three APFT events.


Army APFT standards

Specific Army APFT Standards based on Gender and age

There is a huge variation in Army APFT Standards based on age and gender. Age categories are used to establish the maximum and minimum number of push-ups and sit-ups required of an army soldier of a given age or gender. For instance, the maximum push-ups for the male 17-21 age group is 71 while the minimum is 42. This greatly contrasts with maximum push-ups for a female soldier in the same age group, which is set at 42 maximum and 19 minimum, in reference to the U.S Army APFT. The 27-31 age group for both genders has the highest maximum number of push-ups and sit-ups, while the 62+ age group has the least.

For the two-mile run, soldiers belong to different age groups or sexes are timed differently, with the 62+ having the most time to complete the run.
While the Army APFT Standards are largely effective in establishing fitness for army service, the differences between male and female standards has become a controversial subject with calls for changes.