US Navy Ships Review 2016

The American Navy has approximately 430 ships and around 70 more which are still under construction or in planning stages. These US Navy ships are powerful vessels, which serve the nation with great success. They are differentiated from civilian ones by construction and purpose. They are armed with weapon systems and are always ready to serve the nation for both warfare operations and humanitarian missions.

The US Navy Ships: Aircraft carriers

Designed primarily for conducting combat operations, the Navy aircraft carriers do not serve just to launch aircrafts – they also project power. For example, air wings can dominate large areas of territory, both on the ocean or on the land, with their technological sophistication. Moreover, the American aircraft carriers are the largest warships that ever put to sea and considered to be among the best of the world. They typically travel in battle groups and are operating in international waters, without needing any permission rights for landing or over flights. Above all these US Navy Ships provide military presence, respond to crises very quickly and participate in joint exercises with allied forces.


US Navy Ships

The US Navy Ships: The ‘silent’ submarines

They are powerful and agile. These armed vessels are among the most ‘clever’ weapons during a war period. They operate silently and have the capacity of launching ballistic missiles, inserting SEAL teams into hostile target areas, as well as taking out the enemy’s submarines and ships. In addition, the US Navy ships – submarines can attack the enemy, make surveillance in certain underwater areas and commando insertions. Moreover, the operators who serve in submarines are known as the ‘Silent Service’.

The US Navy Ships: The powerful cruises & destroyers

These great vessels are capable of forming the best battle groups in the sea and they are employees as auxiliary, combatant or research development vehicles. The American cruises and destroyers are very strong ships and can operate on their one under any difficult situation. They feature the best technological systems, such as space-based radars, precision weapons and advanced engineering systems. In addition, the are indented to protect their fleet during a war, as well as they function in order to make certain that no supply ships will proceed into an area where enemy action is possible.

The US Navy Ships: Amphibious Forces

These special navy vessels are best known for their ability to move through water and land swiftly. They look like aircraft carriers, but without the angled flight deck. The Amphibious forces operate in groups of 3 ships and they are always ready to deliver troops and equipment in any place. The American Amphibious Forces assist the nation in any crisis response, humanitarian operations and any kind of disaster relief. Moreover, these US Navy ships are the basic platforms for the marine aircrafts. They project power as the aircrafts do, by allowing the military forces to strike their target from a distance.