US Navy SEAL Members Feeling Proud

Introduction to US Navy SEAL

The US Navy’s Sea, Air and Land Teams, commonly known as Navy SEALs, are expertly trained to capture enemy targets and intelligence against impossible odds. They are also prepared to operate in a variety of climates, such as desert, arctic and jungle. US Navy SEAL‘s primary tasks include Direct Action Warfare, Special Reconnaissance, Counter Terrorism, Foreign Internal Defense and Maritime operations. Their critical thinking, unshakable willpower and fierce dedication leads to their legendary achievements. THE US Navy was formed in 1775. The Navy was founded on: Honor, Courage and Commitment. Here, you actually learn the core values of bravery, duty, unity and integrity. The equipment and technology may change but the values remain the same

Traditions of US Navy SEAL

* Uniforms – The uniform always reminds you of your duty. It shows your position and purpose. Navy uniforms are recognizable symbols of honor and tradition in the world. The blues, khakis or white dress, all are wear with pride to serve the country.*Rank/Ratings – Through cap, sleeve and chest, one could easily make out the position of the member in the Navy.*Navy Terminology – The words and phrases of English that are a part of nautical and naval culture.* Other includes The Oath of the Commissioned Officer, The Sailor’s Creed, The Watch- an old maritime custom and many more.


Training of US Navy SEAL

The SEAL Physical Screening Test (PST) tells about your eligibility in the US Navy SEAL training. After completing the requirements, the US Navy Seal program will stress you beyond your limits to make sure your stand in the world’s best navy force. The SEAL training prepares you physically and mentally at extreme levels to stand against the impossible missions. the training includes *Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL – It is seven month training to build your strength in the water. It includes three phases : Basic Conditioning, Diving and Land Warfare.*Basic Parachute Training – Diving medicine and medical skills training in the Special Operations Medical Course*Advanced Training – After completing the basic training, you are taught advanced training which includes foreign language, Sniper, Free fall Parachuting, Jump Master, Explosive Breacher and much more.
Qualification and requirements for US Navy SEAL
*Be a citizen of US and eligible for security clearance.*Should be of atmost 28 years of age.*Need to pass a physical examination for divers.*Meet specific eye requirements : 20/40 best eye; 20/70 worst eye; correctable to 20/50 with no color blindness.* Must clear ASVAB exam.Note – Before joining you must consult the physician to know whether your body is eligible to stand against the intense training. All the medical history of you and your family must be told before starting with the fitness program.