US Navy Recruiting To Join The American Navy

US Navy Recruiting: Different Methods Used To Join The American Navy

Do you want to join the US Navy? Apart from meeting the training and education requirements, you need to be in service to the US. On the other hand, the Navy encourages personal development that leads to excellent career opportunities in the future. To join, you will need to satisfy a number of qualifications and make a serious commitment to service. At least for now, the following requirements are essential during US navy recruiting:

You must have the right age During US Navy Recruiting. To enlist in the American Navy, the required age is between 17 and 34 years. If you want to join and you are not 18 years old yet, a parental consent is essential. To become a Navy officer, your age must fall between 19 and 35 years. In other words, the age requirements vary depending with the position you are interested in.

Satisfy the Citizenship Qualifications during US Navy Recruiting. To enlist in the US Navy, US citizenship is required and for non citizens, a permanent residence visa is required. However, to become an officer in the Navy, you must be an American citizen.

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Meet Your Financial Obligations during US Navy Recruiting. It must be recognized that whilst the US Navy does not require that you must be free of debts, you must show you capability to pay or make timely payments. At least you must show a proof to US Navy Recruiting officers that you are a responsible person.

You Must Pass an Alcohol and Drug Test during US Navy Recruiting. The US Navy has does not tolerate drug and alcohol abuse. In this case, you will be required to undergo a urine test in order to show that you are free from such substances. You will as well be required to answer questions relating to past use of alcohol and drugs.

Meet the required educational qualifications. It is your obligation to decide whether you want to enlist as a member or a Navy officer. In fact, this difference determines what kind of job you will be doing and what kind of educational qualifications are required. Either case, you will need a GED or a high school diploma. A college degree is not required for one to enlist as a member of the American Navy. In addition, you must be fit medically, morally and mentally.

Get in touch with a recruiter. Upon determining that you satisfy the above requirements, you will then get in touch with a recruiter to help you through the recruitment process. He or she will be of great help especially concerning the questions you may be having regarding your interests and specific situation.