US Navy Bases In The World

US navy bases are basically self-contained, self sufficient communities where the Navy personnel work and live with their families. These towns are usually fully functional and have all the amenities of ordinary towns except that a large majority of them are also home ports and therefore act as stations for Navy vessels. Home ports refer to waterside installations that can either be domestic or located overseas which act as stations for Navy vessels and may accommodate one or more depending on the size and activities at the home port. Generally homes in the US navy bases are unfurnished but come equipped with a stove and fridge and paid utilities with the exception of the telephone.

US Navy Bases within the US

There are more than 40 US navy bases within the nation spread out across 26 states from the eastern to the western coast. The state with the highest number of US navy bases, centers and ports is California followed by the state of Virginia which is also home to the world’s largest naval base. Located on the south-eastern region of the state, in Sewells Point peninsula, Norfolk city, the Naval Station Norfolk covers around 3,400 acres. Established in 1917, it provided training for US and her allies during World War II. Another base that played a significant role in World War II is Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam that was established in 1908 and is still vital today for US defense. Other bases include Naval Air Station Jacksonville, the largest in the south-east US region, Naval Base Coronado that consists of eight naval installations and Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth which was the United States’ first joint reserve base.

US Navy Bases In The World

US Navy Bases Overseas and around the world

The US navy has several bases outside the nation because just as the proverb says, you can’t keep all your eggs in one basket. These are all distributed across the world with the most being in Italy and Japan each having seven US navy bases respectively. The US navy appeals to a lot of people as it allows you to travel the world hence the overseas bases. Currently, the US navy has over 50,000 men and women in its employ who are deployed all over the world. US navy bases are generally located in some of the best areas. For example in the US, the bases occupy prime land in some of the most desirable real estate locations like Honolulu, Orlando and Norfolk.