US Army Training Basics

Basics of US Army Training

In an attempt to join United States Army, Army National Guard and United States Army Reserve, an individual must go through a period of US Army Training which examines one’s physical and mental strengths and is termed as Basic United States/ US Army Training or Initial Entry Training (IET), also known as boot camp. Under the United States, this US Army Training is carried out at variable different army posts.

US Army Training

Types of Basic US Army Training:

The US Army Training is said to be one of the toughest and enduring army trainings. As much as the physical capabilities are required, psychological potential is also of enormous denotation. The basic US Army Training may be classified into two:

  1. Basic Combat Training
  2. Advance Individual Training
  3. Basic Combat Training of US Army Training:

When a new batch of soldiers is recruited, all the soldiers from Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve have to pass through a basic training called Basic Combat Training or BCT. Basic Combat Training of US Army Training usually consists of first fifteen weeks of the whole period of the basic training that a soldier goes through in his training lifetime. This combat training teaches the soldiers about the fundamentals of being a soldier. The main lessons include combat techniques and the manners to address a senior ranked officer. This initial US Army Training also instills knowledge about preparing their bodies along with their minds for the war zone. The basic training also comprises of undergoing mental and physical hassles. A civilian is never immediately ready for the hardships that a soldier has to face in battle ground. For this reason, this basic US army training enlightens a soldier about the most crucial matter which is self discipline as it prepares a soldier to a strict day to day schedule.

US Army Training

  1. Advanced Individual Training in US Army Training:

As soon as the basic US army training is completed, the next phase is called the Advance Individual Training or AIT. The main difference between the basic combat US army training and advance individual training is the choice of field of the soldier. For each available army career path or MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), advance individual training in US army training is different. For instance, if a soldier is interested in intelligence field known as Human Intelligence Collector, the soldier will be sent to the Intelligence School at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona after the completion certification of Basic Combat training in US Army Training. If a soldier desires to join the medical unit, he/she will be transferred to the Army Medical Department School at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas after the culmination of Basic Combat Training in US Army Training. The advanced courses can last from a period of four to fifty two weeks maximum. Mostly in advanced training of US army training, an individual is judged on the basis of his chosen field but the mental and physical fitness also need to be proficient and weapons expertise should not be compromised as well. Just as in basic training, the disciplinary rules and daily scrupulous schedule remain intact.

US Army Training