US Army Shop For The Convenience Of Army Officials

US Army Shop For The Convenience

U.S army is considered world’s one of the best armies. It is well-known for its activities against terrorism around the globe. U.S army has to move periodically among various cities and countries in order to clear those areas from terrorist and other enemies who try to invade or destroy their nation. The postings of army to different places became the major cause for establishing US Army Shops around the word. These shops are also known as ‘base exchange’ among the air force and ‘post exchange’ among the U.S army.

US Army Shop

Items Found At US Army Shop:

The US Army Shop or Post Exchange has all the items needed for daily use. For instance, food, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, stationery, jewelry, electronics, gifts, home appliances and much more could be easily found at US Army Shop. Army officials and their families can shop there whenever they want. Many items at these shops are available at discounted prices but some items have fixed expensive rates. The things at the US Army Shops are tax free, which make them quite cheap. This no tax feature is an especial kind of discount for military officials and their families. This is basically due to the sacrifices and bravery of soldiers who live a tough life just for saving lives of civilians.

Who Can Make A Purchase At US Army Shop?

All the army officials and their families can shop at the US Army Shops. The people like army officials on active duty, retired reserve members and national guards who are getting retirement money, veterans that possess Medal of Honor, veterans who get disabled while performing their military duties, members of reserves or active national guard, retired active-duty fellows, and spouse and children of all these people are allowed to do shopping at US Army Shops. However, children of the military fellows loose this facility when they get married. Furthermore, if the spouse of the military official gets divorced, he or she will not be able to make a purchase at the army store.

US Army Shop

People who are eligible for shopping at the US Army Shop are issued an ID card. They can shop at the post exchanges by showing their official ID cards.

Advantages Of US Army Shop For The Military People:

There are numerous advantages of US Army Shop or post exchanges for the army people and their spouses and children. First of all, army officials can get many important things like grocery, accessories and various other things at low prices. Secondly, soldiers and officers who are transferred to distant locations with their families can get all necessary things at these stores. Along with the important shopping materials, the army officials and their families also get American standard services at these shops. For instance, dry cleaning, barber shop, fast food outlets, wine shops, gas stations, vehicle repair shop and cinemas are also present at these stores. All these facilities make the life of overseas military people and their families very comfortable and relaxing.