US Army Ranks Understanding

Understanding the US Army Ranks

The existence of the military forces lies to serve the nation and its people and it has never been easy to be a part of the military, no matter which country it is. It is a matter of life and death that makes it the toughest job in the globe. In order to achieve higher US army ranks, a great deal of endurance, hard work and discipline is required. If someone wants to be a part of the US army, it is first necessary to understand the game of US army ranks.

US Army Ranks

US Army Ranks and Levels:

There are a total nine levels of US army ranks. Every US army rank level consists of two main factors:

  • An abbreviation assigned to each level
  • A grade to symbolize a position

A uniform that a soldier exhibits specifies the level presented through a logo and that logo signifies the US army ranks. The logo is unified with two stripes on the collar and the sleeves of the soldier that helps signify the US army ranks. The two stripes being a chevron, points upward and an arc, pointing downward and mostly attached with the chevron, completely manifest the US army ranks.

Initial US army Ranks:

US Army ranks take initiative with the Private rank and end with the Sergeant Major. The beginner in US army ranks is termed as Private in the first level. After the completion of six months of service, the soldier advances towards PV2. Another six months, i.e. one year of service will promote the soldier to Private First class in US army ranks. Some more months of service will get the soldier further promoted in US army ranks and will help the soldier seize the position of MOS, a trained specialist. Specialists are more experienced as compared to Privates in US army ranks. The next in the US army ranks is called a Corporal. They are considered first in the level of Junior NCO. Some more experience and they will be promoted to become Sergeants in US army ranks. They are capable of leading their team in the absence of Staff Sergeant. Next in the line of US army ranks is termed as Staff sergeant who is responsible of a platoon of four squads. Like sergeants can take the place of their staff sergeant in case of emergency, staff sergeant can overcome the status of Sergeant First Class who is the next in the US army ranks. A soldier in this level is termed as the Senior NCO.

US army ranks

Senior US Army Ranks:

The next position in the US army ranks is called Platoon Sergeant. The basic responsibility of this rank is to work as an assistant to the Platoon leader, who himself is known as a Lieutenant in the US army ranks. They have the luxury to hold E7s in the platoon. The very next rank is of a Master sergeant. Next to master sergeant comes First sergeant with the same salary as of the previous one but one level senior. A few more years of service and the First sergeant can become Sergeant Master. Command Sergeant is the next rank in the US army ranks. The highest and the most prestigious rank in US army Ranks is of Sergeant Major who works as the leader of the US army.