United States Navy Seal Ranks Facts

United States Navy Seal Ranks are similar to the ranks that sailors have. The rem rating is normally used to refer to the different ranks that the sailors in the navy seal have. For instance, first class petty officer is used to refer to the services of the serviceman and the officer is referred to as the boatswain’s mate. A navy seal is usually made up of a few members. The total number of sailors that make up a navy seal team is 16. This is usually known as a Platoon. The lieutenant is the person responsible for leading the team in ever mission. Depending on the mission in hand, the team can be divided into either two or our squadrons. The petty officer, assistant officer and platoon chief are responsible for undertaking other leadership activities of the team. The rest of the people on the team include; divers, experts in explosives, navigators, weapon specialists and snipers. All these are enlisted personnel that possess certain special skills required in the team.

United States Navy Seal Ranks’ Command

Like all other sailors, Navy Seal Ranks are also under a chain of command in order to ensure smooth running in the operation of the team. Naval Special Warfare Command is the body responsible for providing leadership for this team. The Naval Special Warfare Command is in charge of the entire navy seal team which is made up of a number of units. The entire team consists of 300 personnel. These 300 people are divided into smaller units and assigned different tasks depending on the type of missions available. The platoons are the ones that support these teams and are also the group that is sent out on missions around the world.

United States Navy Seal Ranks

United States Navy Seal Ranks Insignia

In order for a navy seal rank sailor to own and wear the warfare insignia, they need to have undergone the BUD/S and Seal Training that qualifies them to possess it. The Insignia is a pin that is worn on the uniform by the sailors. If is formerly referred to as Seal Trident.

Navy Seal Ranks SO Rating Badge

This badge is all- black clothing that is similar to the insignia. The difference is the fact that the badge is worn by enlisted members of the seal force when they are on camouflage activities only. The SO rating mainly included rating of technologies, set of skills and systems of training.

In conclusion, the united states navy seal ranks are similar to other sailors. The only difference is the number of sailors in their team and the missions they go on. The navy seal ranks also have a different chain of command and ways in which they carry out their activities.