United States Navy Importance

Serving America since 1775, the navy of the country is the most capable and largest navy of the world. It has the world’s largest aircraft carrier fleet with 10 in service (2 in the reserve fleet) and 3 new class carriers which are under construction. Whenever a military service is needed, the Navy is present and is often the first to help. Always on call; always on watch. The service has 328,200 personnel on active duty.

The important mission of the United States Navy

The United States Navy fulfills a broad role, that regards everything from combat to maintaining the peace to humanitarian assistance when needed on bases, as well as everywhere; from cockpits of F-18s to the control roms of nuclear submarines. Through the amazing service of upstanding men and women, who have joined the American Navy, as well as through their great capabilities and professionalism, they do all they can to protect the freedom of the sea. Moreover, the main object of the United States Navy is to defend the right of the nation, as well as their allies, in order to be able to move freely on the oceans and to protect the country against any possible enemies. The Navy focuses in crisis response, special operations, power protection, as well as evacuations and humanitarian operations. And all of these, in order to protect not only America, but the whole world, in order all the people to live in a safer place.

united states navy

The United States Navy and its cutting-edge weapon systems

From Navy ships to aircraft, especially weapons and vessels, the personnel of the Navy work with some of the strongest machines that were ever put to sea. The American ships and submarines are the best in the world. Above the seas, the American Navy aircraft is some of the most advanced in technologically terms ever. In addition, the vessels, as well as the American aircraft’s are armed with some of the most strongest systems on the globe. All the weapon systems that are used by the United States Navy are laser-guided, liquid-propeller and sophisticate enough, in order to be able to use satellite data and have the capacity to reprogram themselves. They also use great missiles and torpedoes, which whether are fires from the surface or under the water, they give a huge boost to the ability of the United States Navy to complete all its missions safely and effectively.

The United State Navy Reserve

The Navy Reserve of the country is a very crucial factor of the whole force of the Navy in the country. Whenever a very huge and crucial navy work is taking place around the globe, the Navy Reservists are always present. Their role is to support and contribute, as well as effectively be able to lead lives of service and the lives of their own.