U.S Army Field Manuals

U.S Army Field Manuals Cover All The Necessary Topics:

U.S army field manuals or FMs are published by the army of United States. These manuals contain all the important information required by the U.S army. The information about what to cook and how to cook and information like how to use particular weapons can be found in army field manuals. Few years back, the quantity of these field manuals was around 650. These manuals contain guidelines for army officials, soldiers and subordinates. A wide range of topics is covered by these field manuals, such as FM 3-0 is about army operations, FM 1 is about U.S army, and FM 8-50 is about the prevention and medical management of laser injuries.

U.S Army Field Manuals

How The Army Field Manuals Look Like:

The U.S army field manuals are actually books that have a printed title cover with the picture of soldiers or sometimes, just with the name of the manual. When we look inside these manuals, we find that they look a lot like the school text books with some illustrations in the form of charts, tables and hand drawn stuff. These manuals also possess a preface and acknowledgement section. Moreover, to make manuals easy to understand, the content inside them is divided into chapters according to specific topics. Each chapter is then further divided into sub headings and bullet points which make these field manuals comfortable to read and understand.

How To Get The Army Field Manuals:

In the past, the U.S army field manuals were only in reach of U.S army and soldiers. However, today, many of them are available for public in the form of PDF files r HTMLs on the internet. Many websites allow the free download of the publicly available filed manual copies. However, not all the manuals are free of cost. Some other manuals can be purchased through online shops.

In case of army officials, they can get the army field manuals from the libraries at their headquarters. About 40 to 50 field manuals are readily available at headquarter of a battalion. Every army office or headquarter possess manuals on general topics and some particular FMs that are relevant to that headquarter.

U.S Army Field Manuals

Importance Of Army Field Manuals:

Army field manuals serve new soldiers and people who want to join U.S army, in learning various essential tactics, strategies and methods widely use in army. One of these informative field manuals includes FM 7-8. It contains all the necessary information regarding tactics and operation techniques for small squads. Each platoon and platoon leader keeps a copy of FM 7-8 with them all the time. The important field manuals like the FM 7-8 are also available in pocket-size versions so that army fellows can keep them in their pocket all the time.

An important field manual of U.S army is FM 34-52. This field manual is specifically designed for U.S army interrogators. This FM is only accessible by army interrogators at the Intelligence Interrogation. The ways and procedures for obtaining information from criminals and the rules of interrogation are covered in this handy manual.