The US Navy SEALS elite squad

The US Navy seals are capable of operating on Air, Sea and Land. They are otherwise known as the Navy’s Sea, Air and Land teams. The US Navy seals are America’s top elite forces amongst the Airforce, Navy, and the Army. They form part of the US Navy’s special force, the special warfare command, and the wider US special operations command.


Establishment of the US Navy seals

The formation of the US Navy seals dates back to John F. Kennedy’s reign as America’s president. The teams were formed in 1962 as an elite naval force initially meant to engage in unconventional warfare.


Nature and task of the US Navy SEALS

The US navy seals perform small-unit, but highly-lethal operations that even large combat forces with heavy equipment such as jets and tanks cannot perform. Because of the dominantly maritime nature, most combat operations of the US Navy seals begin and return to water bodies such as oceans, seas, rivers, swamps, coastlines and other related features.

They can negotiate in shallow waters whose depths may limit the use of large water vessels. Despite this, however, the US Navy seals are trained to conduct warfare on land, air and water. They can operate in humid jungles, very hot deserts and extremely cold conditions such as the Arctic.

US Navy seals

SEALS also perform initial reconnaissance on critical targets before striking by large forces. Because of their special ability to initiate a direct, massive and destructive attack on water, air, and land, they have been heavily involved in the pursuit of deadly and high-priority terrorist targets in Irag, Afghanistan, Somali and other war-torn areas.

Selection and training of the US Navy SEALS

The training of the team is very intense and characterized by a very high dropout rate. More than half of those initially selected do not successfully complete the training. Before joining the team, prospective candidates are required to meet a set of both physical and mental requirements.

The tests incorporate initial screening of the candidate’s medical and health condition and the physical endurance test. The physical endurance test involves swimming for 500 yards within the allocated time, performing 50 pushups and 50 situps, each in 2 minutes, 10 pull ups in 2 minutes and the 1.5 miles run in 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

Upon successful completion of the medical, physical and mental tests, the prospective candidate is admitted for training if the pass mark is obtained in all the tests. On average, any selected candidate spends more than a year doing a series of training sessions.

The Navy SEAL training encompasses the Special warfare School, Basic Underwater Demolition Training, Parachute Jump School, and the SEAL Qualification Training. Having graduated from the SEAL Qualification Training, the successful trainees are awarded the coveted Navy SEAL badge. This designates them into a SEAL team before deployment.


The SEAL team is the US Navy’s elite squad and a key component of the US military’s Special Operations Command. Their prowess in conducting lethal attacks on virtually any target is unrivaled.