The US Army Uniform

The US Army Uniform

The US Army Uniform design was originally influenced by both the British and French traditions. Since the early 1990s and after the end of the World War II, the army underwent through several uniform transformations. From 1954, the Army settled on the Army Green Uniform service dress until in 2010 when it was replaced by the Battle Dress in 1981 and eventually replaced by the current Arm Combat Uniform.

There are two main uniforms worn by the modern US Army. They include the Army Combat Uniform that is used in operational environments while the Army Service Uniform is worn during formal and ceremonial occasions.

The US Army Uniform

Here are the standard US Army Uniforms:

The Combat Uniform- This is the primary uniform that is worn in garrison and in combat zones by the US Army. It features a camouflage pattern that is designed for use in deserts, urban environment, and woodlands.

Service Uniforms- The blue Army Service Uniform (worn with white shirt and necktie), functions as a garrison uniform and a dress uniform that is worn during non-ceremonial functions.

The Mess Uniform- The Army Mess Uniform if the formal evening dress that is worn during the mess or formal function. It comprises of the Army blue mess jacket, dark or light-blue high wasted trousers, white vest, white formal shirt with a wing collar, and a white bow tie.

The Physical Training Uniforms- They are styled in black and gold which include track jackets and pants as well as short and long-sleeved t-shirts.

Other uniforms include the special ceremony units, bands, guards, cadet uniforms, and special situations uniforms.