The US Army Surplus Store

The US Army Surplus Store

A US Army Surplus Store sells items that are either used, purchased but unused or these that are no longer needed. The US army surplus store is a retail store that sells military surplus. Some of these items include former military clothing (jackets, helmets, boots), general equipment that was originally intended for the army but is unable be used or even those that were originally purchased in excess by the military, cosmetics, military medals and insignia, bags & backpacks, glass wear and jewellery, ropes & cordage furnishings, electrical goods, accessories, sporting goods related to fishing, hunting, and camping. Others specialize in footwear, tarp, blankets, and also occupational safety equipment.

US Army Surplus Store

The US Army surplus stores usually sell their goods at discounted prices. The military clothing and footwear come in all sizes suitable for everyone.

Most of these US army surplus stores are found in various locations throughout the U.S while some are found online. Apart from offering military goods at low prices, the stores also offer free shipping depending on the specific location of the customer.