The US Army Special Forces

The US Army Special Forces

The US Army Special Forces are a special operations force that is tasked with five primary missions namely-;

  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Foreign Internal Defense
  • Direct Action

The first mission is the original and most important to the Special Forces Unit. Other important duties include hostage rescue, counter-narcotics, search and rescue, humanitarian assistance, counter-proliferation etc.

The US Army Special Forces is one of the strongest and most respected soldiers in the world. These dedicated Soldiers are always prepared and dedicated to defend their nation as well as abroad.

US Army Special Forces

Selection and Training

Soldiers undergo the Basic Combat Training which involves mental and physical conditioning required for one to become a Soldier. There are several training programs that a Soldier must undergo before becoming a qualified soldier.


The US Army Special Forces is organized into units that must respond to any mission regardless of the size. Each unit has its own leader.

Special Forces Groups

The Special Forces are divided into Active Duty (AD) and two Army National Guard groups. Since each of these US Army Special Forces group has a specific regional focus, the soldiers in these groups receive cultural and language training for those countries within their regional area of responsibility.