The US Army Shop

The US Army Shop

The US Army shop /stores that are also known as the Base Exchange. The US Army Shop and Airforce Exchange service is an agency owned by the United States Department of Defence.

The exchange’s main mission is to support the armed forces soldiers during humanitarian missions, military operations, and other missions around the world.

The Exchange Service provides everything that a soldier might need or want during his/her stay in the military. These items are usually tax-free and given at a cheap discount. Some of the items provide include food and water, uniforms, furniture, electronics, recreational sports equipment, tactical gear, vitamin supplements, lawn ornaments, alcohol, and other life support necessities.

US Army Shop

The Base Exchange strictly sells consumer goods and services only to the authorized patrons such as Reserve, Active Duty, Retired Members of the US Uniformed services, and to the National Guards.

Other services offered in the exchange include barber shops, military clothing/uniform shops, gas stations, convenience stores, laundry and dry cleaning, movie theatres, and so much more.

The Base Exchanges plays an integral role for the US Army Shop and government personnel.