The US Army Reserve

The US Army Reserve

The US Army Reserve is the Federal Reserve Force of the United States Army. Together with the Army National Guard, they form the Army element of the Reserve components of the United States Armed Forces. It is the most powerful and sophisticated military in the world and consists of two groups which are active duty Soldiers and Soldiers in the US Army reserve.

With the Active Duty, a soldier works a full-time job while the Army Reserve allows the soldier to attend college or pursue a civilian and still serve the community and country.

US Army Reserve



  • The US Army Reserve Provides homeland security by responding to natural disasters such as flooding and hurricanes. They support the humanitarian and relief operations.
  • The Army Reserve soldiers use their military training to safeguard the country‚Äôs data and develop secure communications technologies.
  • The Army Reserve also responds to biological and chemical threats. They help maintain and supervise nuclear, biological as well as chemical detection.
  • The army operates the transport systems by providing supplies to the troops all around the world.
  • The army also helps countries establish or restore governmental and functions and institutions.
  • The US Army Reserve also provides medical services in hospitals, clinics, and field medical-care units.