The US Army Recruiting

The US Army Recruiting

The US Army recruiting the enlisted, non-commissioned, and officer candidates for service in the United States. The whole process usually involves recruiting, medical, physical and psychological examination, induction, and the administrative processing of potential service personnel.

In 1775, the US Army recruiting began recruiting and training the Continentals who were to fight in during the American Revolutionary War. There are five recruitment brigades: medical recruitment and recruitment support brigades. Under each of the recruitment brigades, each of them consist of a number of Battalions where each battalion has six to nine companies. Each of these battalions consists of several recruiting companies that currently provide recruiting facilities such as stations and offices throughout the United States and its surroundings.

US Army Recruiting

During the recruiting process, the army only allows candidates who are between 18 and 35 years old. The candidate must also be a U.S citizen or resident alien. The candidate must also possess a high school diploma or a high school equivalent GED, The candidate must also pass the ASVAB test as well as a physical exam.

The US Army recruiting provide job opportunities each year where many of them are available for qualified applicants. The US Army helps develop career skills that are important in defending the nation.