The US Army Rangers

The US Army Rangers

The US Army Rangers are soldiers who have either graduated from the US Army Ranger School or serve in the designated US Army Rangers Unit. In the 17th and 18th century, the US rangers served in the wars between the colonialists and the Native American Tribes. These rangers were employed full-time by the colonial governments to patrol the war-prone areas and give early warnings of raids.

The Ranger School

In September 1950, Ranger Training began at Fort Benning Georgia where the first class graduated in November, 1950. After the United States Army Infantry School established the Ranger Department officially in December 1951, the first Ranger School Class was officially conducted in January –March 1952. The Ranger Training Brigade was officially established in August 1987.

US Army Rangers

The 75 Ranger Regiment

Since the establishment of the US Army rangers, the rangers have participated in many operations. Their primary tasks include national and international emergency crisis response, direct action, combat search and rescue, intelligence and counter intelligence, special reconnaissance, airborne and assault operations, airfield seizure, counter terrorism, personnel recovery and hostage rescue, and joint special operations.

The US Army Rangers have played an integral part in enforcing security both nationally and internationally.