The US Army Jobs

The US Army Jobs

A career in the army is highly rewarding as it offers huge salaries and benefits, which leads to job satisfaction. The US Army Jobs : The Army has over 200 different roles that provide job opportunities to those interested in joining the army.

All these jobs come with full training and development, excellent pay and support, and ongoing support. Apart from that, it’s a career that makes the qualified soldiers go places. It’s a great career where travel and adventure go with the territory.

US Army Jobs

Below is a list of the Enlisted Army Careers.

  • Administrative
  • Construction
  • Combat Specialty
  • Electronic/Electrical Repair
  • Engineering, Science & Rocket
  • Health Care
  • Human Resource Development
  • Machine Operator & Production
  • Media & Public Affairs
  • Protective Services
  • Transportation & Supply Services
  • Machine & Vehicle Mechanics


There are different subcategories in each career and each soldier is assigned to either one or several roles.


Army soldiers also enjoy benefits such as free medical care, subsidised accommodation, as well as travel opportunities