The US Army FM 6-22 Guide

The US Army FM 6-22

The US Army FM 6-22 is the Army’s doctrine field manual on leadership: Confident, Agile and Competent. According to the FM 6-22, Army leadership is “the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization”. It states that an Army leader is “anyone who inspires and influences people to accomplish organizational goals”.

The FM 6-22 establishes leadership doctrine and fundamental principles for all the officers, non-commissioned officers, as well as army civilians across all components.

The “BE-KNOW-DO” concept is used by the manual to express what is required of the Army leaders. It emphasizes that the army leaders must have broad knowledge, must be agile, have keen intellect, and must be multi-skilled pent-athletes who have strong moral character.

US Army FM 6-22

The Army leaders must display these attributes and leader competences as required. They must also be committed to lifelong learning to remain relevant and ready enough when serving the nation.

The Army leaders must be able to motivate people to pursue actions, focus in wise thinking, and shape decisions for the benefit of the organization.