The US Army FM 21-20 Guide

The US Army FM 21-20

The US Army FM 21-20 is the basic manual that covers the Army Physical Fitness Test. The fitness training manual is purposely directed at the army leaders who plan and conduct physical fitness training.

The APFT testing is a vital tool that is used in determining the physical readiness of individual soldiers and units. At each level, the commander in charge must ensure that fitness training is designed to develop physical ability in a balanced way.

The US Army FM 21-20

The FM 21-20 basically provides guidelines for developing specific programs that will improve and maintain physical fitness levels for all the Army personnel. The field manual provides information on the conduct of physical training program, rifle exercises, model schedules, swimming/water safety/lifesaving, advice to the instructors, and a variety of exercises, group games, and personal contests.

The main goal of the training is to promote physical efficiency in the Army personnel which is very important to military effectiveness. With the training and testing, the soldiers are able to become more prepared so as to perform properly during wars.