The US Armed Forces

The US Armed Forces

The US Armed Forces are made up of five armed service branches which include the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the Navy. The US President is the overall head of the Armed Forces and helps in making the final decisions in the army together with the Department of Defence.

Even though all the branches work together especially during operations and joint missions, all in exception of the Coast Guard are under the Unified Combatants Commands which is under the authority of Secretary of Defence. The Coast Guard receives its orders from the Secretary of the Homeland Security under the Department of Homeland Security.

US Armed Forces

The US armed forces have been used in the past during the times of wars and peace-keeping. It’s one of the largest militaries in terms of the huge number of personnel, most of whom are paid volunteers. There are various types of personnel in the armed forces. They include the enlisted, non-commissioned officers, warrant officers, and commissioned officers.

The enlistment age in the army is 17 with parental permission, 18 for voluntary service, and the maximum age is 35.