The United States Army PT Regulations

The United States Army PT Regulations

The United States Army holds events for physical training for each new recruited batch. There are some rules and regulations like any other army in the world, in order to maintain physical fitness of the soldiers. Army PT Regulations are set to test and examine the muscular strength of the soldiers, along with their endurance and stoicism levels. The three basic exercises included in the army PT regulations are as follows:

  • Push up
  • Sit up
  • Two mile run

The soldiers can scored from zero to hundred in each of these three exercising tests. In an attempt to pass the test, one must score at least 60 points in each of these events as mentioned in army PT regulations. Simple mathematics sum of 180 to 300 will decide the future of the soldier in the army according to army PT regulations. These army PT regulations tests are conducted twice a year and the appearance of every soldier is mandatory.

army pt regulations

Army PT Regulations: Push-ups:

The push up event in the army PT regulations tests the forbearance of the following:

  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Triceps-muscles

On the sound of ‘get, set’, it is required to rest the hands in a leaning position and try to stay comfortable. The feet can be together or at least twelve inches apart from each other. On hearing the command ‘go’, push up must be started. As mentioned in army PT regulations, the body should not touch the ground at any second and the elbows should be bent so that the upper arms are parallel to the ground. The exercise should be repeated and the whole body of the soldier must come out a single unit; the arms, the elbows and the rest of the body as broached in the army PT regulations. If there is any error in completing a push up according to the army PT regulations, the scorer will repeat the last succeeded push-up number. If the first ten push-ups are not conducted correctly, the scorer will explain the whole process in front of the soldier. The only authorized rest position by the army PT regulation is one in which the body is resting like front leaning. The soldier is given two minutes maximum to do as many push-ups as possible in order to pass the test. The push-ups again must be according to the army PT regulations so any chance of defrauding is ruled out.

army pt regulations

Army PT Regulations: Sit-ups:

The sit up event tests the toleration level of the abdomen and the hip muscles. On ‘get set’ the soldier must lie on the floor on his back with the knees bent at 45 degrees. The feet just as in the prior exercise, must be together or twelve inches apart. The heels must stay touched to the ground and one other person will hold the ankles of the soldier. There is no other way around, as documented in army PT regulations. The hands should be locked at the back of the head and the sit-ups should be started so that the body makes an imaginary V shape while sit ups, as authorized by the army PT regulations. Like push-ups, the soldier will be given two minutes to do as many sit-ups as possible.

Army PT Regulations: Two mile run:

The two mile run examines the endurance levels of leg muscles. Army PT regulations state that the soldiers must gather behind a line and on the command of ‘get set’ and then ‘go’, start running at individual pace. The shortest possible time recorded by a soldier will ultimately win the race. Walking is somehow authorized in the army PT regulations but it is highly discouraged.