The Navy Boot Camp Experience

Honor, Courage and Commitment: the three words you will live by during and after your eight week navy boot camp experience. For many, navy boot camp seems like an unnecessary hardship and service merely for the called. However, to others it has been an unforgettable experience that has steered life-long friendships, careers and valuable life lessons.

Entrance process of navy boot camp

Before you begin your time at navy boot camp, you must meet the navy’s entrance requirements. For example, in the US, this includes, being above the age of 17, attainment of a high school diploma, legal citizenship or residency of the United States and a maximum of 22% body fat for the men and 33% for the women. Having met all the above requirements, it is then possible to apply to the navy seamlessly and patiently await a response from your recruiter.

Navy Boot Camp

Eight-weeks at navy boot camp

At last, your anticipation can finally come to an end. Assuming you have been training in preparation for navy boot camp, the few weeks ahead should be a physical breeze for you. Upon your arrival at the camp, you shall receive a haircut if need be, navy-issued clothing, and lessons on how to correctly fold your new belongings and make your bunk. Following this, you will then go through a confidence building week, as well as teamwork building, in order to ensure you are able to act with confidence while making sharp decisions in the event of an emergency.
Thereafter, you shall begin to learn the classroom techniques of the ship. That is; the various terms used on-board, first aid techniques, physical training and shipboard communication. Additionally, you shall get the opportunity to train with powerful guns such as M-16, learn about fire safety and discover where you would like to apply the learnt lessons. Once you have proved your ability to use the guns, you shall move to the fire range where your skills will be tested, with the final test being the battle stations, where all the skills you’ve learned will be put to test.

Graduation and Career following navy boot camp

Now that you have completed these tests successfully you are now ready to pull out your well folded uniform, as your graduation day is finally here! Invite all your friends and family for this glorious day, as you are now a hero to many. The navy boot camp is now over and you may choose to don your uniform daily and serve your country in the navy or use your skills for other career choices. Whatever your decision may be you have done a great thing and not many have made it this far. Congratulations!