The Air Force Reserve


The Air Force Reserve is a major command in the air force of US and was formed with the aim of providing ready forces to fight, fly as well as win. It’s headquarters is found in Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. In 1948, the then president, Harry S.Truman called for its formation. It can be best described as a part time job that will help you improve your career, provide you with an amazing as well as unique experience and offer you the opportunity to have flexible hours. It comprises mainly of appointed enlisted airmen and commissioned officers whose main duty is to defend the US by exploiting as well as controlling the space and air through offering global engagement support.


The opportunity of joining the reserve is open to enlisted people, those who lack military service as well as to officers. When you qualify to join, you will have to undergo through a challenging as well as an exciting preparation system that will assist you to improve your knowledge as well as skills, which will in turn allow you to stand out in any circumstance as well as environment. The best thing about it is that it is made suitable for your civilian commitments. The training done is accredited nationally. This means, whatever qualification you may achieve , it will also be acknowledged anywhere else other than the Air Force reserve.

air force reserve


.It offers a wide variety of benefits just like those you would get if you were actively on duty.This include:
– You get to have flexible hours which you can enhance your career, spend time with your friends or family at the same time you can serve your country.- In case you are still studying, it offers Student Loan Repayment, College Credit, Montgomery GI Bill, on the job training and Post-9/11 GI Bill.- It provides financial support such as Low Cost Insurance, Potential Bonuses, you have the opportunity to plan for the future, You can earn a second paycheck and Grocery and Department Stores privileges.- It enhances your quality of life through offering Camaraderie, Networking , Direct Transfer, you are able to do extra-ordinary things, you do not need to move and you get to keep your rank.

The combats, undertake nearly 20% of the duty of the Air Force . It has grown from being a force that stands by to being a Major Command in the United States.