Requirements for Joining the Navy

Joining the navy is a dream come true for many people. There are those people who have always wished to join and serve this well-disciplined force. However, as good as it may sound, joining the Navy SEAL requires a lot of discipline on one’s side. One will require working extremely hard if they are to make it as navy. There are also several requirements that one will have to fulfill to increase their chances of becoming navy. However, these requirements are just steps towards one joining the Navy.

The ASVB requirements

This acts as part of the enlistment process of joining the Navy. Candidates and Navy SEAL hopefuls will have to undergo the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or as it is usually referred to, the ASVB. One will require attaining some excellent grades so as to be enlisted in the SEAL program. This takes care of the educational aspect of prospective Navy SEALs.

For those going through a recruiter, it is possible for the recruiters to arrange for a mock ASVB exam which will help you know what to expect in the ASVB exam. It will also help you identify your weaknesses and fine tune them. The ASVB involves a compilation of 10 mini tests prepared by the Department of Defense.

Joining The Navy Vision Requirements

A variety of Navy SEAL activities requires a high degree of precision when performing them. As such, one will need a high vision aptitude to make a Navy SEAL. This is also an essential pre-requisite for one to qualify for the vision corrective surgery through the RPK surgery. For the uncorrected vision, the vision requirements cannot be worse 20/200 vision in each of the two eyes. After the surgery, this can be improved up to 20/20.

joining the navy


Age requirements

Joining the Navy SEAL will require one to be of 28 years and below. However, those who are either 29 or 30 can request for an age waiver.

Citizenship requirements

As a common rule, only the US citizens can apply to join the US military however, citizens of other nations who posses immigration, Green cards or the Naturalization service Alien card may also be eligible to apply.

The applicants must be between the age of 17 and 35 and must be able to read and write in English fluently. Joining the Navy will require one to be of good health in both physical and mental capacities. They should also have a high moral degree and be ready and willing to serve the US nation.