Navy Rank Structure Officer

Navy Rank Structure

Any country that has Navy evolved his own Navy Rank Structure depending upon the geographical location and strategic position. According to their ranks, every country designed different batches, uniform, facilities as well as duties. In most of the Navy Rank Structure Officer of the world, it is divided into different levels and chains of commands. Like, low level navy rank structure, middle level navy rank structure, and high level navy rank structure.

Low Level Ranks & Middle Level Ranks

In this Navy Rank Structure, these are actually the front man fighters in any operation; they are usually equipped with a gun. Their position in the navy rank structure is the implementer, that’s why they are also called “line officers.” They are highly trained and play as a part of naval force war-battling component. They have to apply the strategies, techniques, and plan designed by middle level ranks officers during battle field or while performing any significant operations.


navy rank structure officer
Added to the above, In middle level Navy Rank Structure, they are actually the mind behind performing any operation. They are usually the in-charges of the ships, aeronautics squadrons, and extraordinary operations units adrift or battle avionics squadrons or exceptional operations. They are the also performing the key role between a high level ranks officers with low level rank officers. They have to listen the instruction of the high level ranks officer and implement those instructions through low level ranks officers.

High Level Ranks

In this Navy Rank Structure, they are those persons who work in the National Interest of the country. They are usually the departmental heads which t their duties according to the instructions delineated by Government of the country. They have to follow every right instruction of the Government, through the expertise of their Department. They are decision makers, and act as a liaison between the Government and the Department.
During emergency situation, the Government gives the instructions to the officers of high level ranks. They accordingly retaliate and devised policy that how to deal with the havoc situation facing by the country. They make policies while keeping in mind about the strength and weaknesses of their Navy, and accordingly instructed the middle level ranks officer and what their targets are, what should be their priorities, and what goals they must accomplish while performing any particular operations
Other Ranks Structure
In this Navy Rank Structure, focus is on non-battle related fields, they are divided into different Corps. They are not qualified to summon battle units, but rather can charge associations in their individual specific profession fields. They work in different corps like, Medical Service Corps, Chaplain Corps, Navy Supply Corps, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and Civil Engineer Corps.