Navy Officer Pay and Benefits

Navy officer pay varies depending on a number of factors such as ranking, the job that one performs in the navy and the whether you are in active duty or navy reserve. Navy officer pay includes some very impressive benefits even when holding an entry level position. The basic navy officer pay includes the basic allowances for both housing and subsistence and of course the basic pay. The benefits that come with being a member of the navy however include clothing allowance otherwise known as uniform maintenance allowance, critical skills enlistment benefits as well as reenlistment bonuses that ensure that desirable skills remain in the service of the military. Special and incentive pay is a benefit package that offers compensation to qualified personnel with special talents, while overseas housing allowance is paid to members living who have private housing while in overseas duty stations. Other benefits include tax advantages which include tax relief when buying at package stores, commissaries, vets and the military exchange and a retirement pay that starts accruing from the day you start serving with the navy.
Navy Officer Pay

Navy Officer Pay Levels

Navy members have different rankings usually categorized in terms of years in service. Navy officer pay for enlisted sailors is between $1,546.80 and $2,580.60 for sailors with four years of service or less and $3,692.10 to $7,242.90 for officers with four years of service or less. These amounts reflect only the basic salary and with increased competency levels, years of service and rank or additional education and skills, the numbers will gradually rise moving you to a higher navy officer pay group over time. When the benefits are added to these numbers, your salary package becomes immediately heftier.

Navy Officer Pay for Trainees

The navy is an amazing career choice because it allows you travel as well as serve your country and you also get navy officer pay as you train for a while. The stage that you are at as a trainee will affect the salary that you get. For recruits, the navy officer pay is about $35,151 per year while for trainees who are either undergoing employment training or training for an initial trade the pay is between $40,173 and $45,194 per year. For members undertaking undergraduate studies, the navy officer pay is $30,003 for the four years of study and $46,368 when in the final year of study. Medical graduate students get paid $58, 096 for the first year students and $64,517 for the fourth year students.