Marine Officer Ranks Guide

How many marine officer ranks are?

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Marin officer ranks will make you known how these soldiers made themselves harder and able to face national challenges for the wellness of the people of our country. Third Air Force or 2nd Land Army are the self-earned titles of this distinguished the force of US defense department that was established in 10th November 1775 with two battalions as “Continental Marines” to fight on both water and land for the independence of the nation.

US marine created new limits on their tasks, whether it was in the civil war of America or in the different armed conflicts of the nation as world war one, two, Korean war or Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq wars. There is a series of marine officer ranks defines the level of courage and the achievements from a fresh soldier (Enlisted) to ranked supreme officer (General). These ranks are provided or promoted upon the performance that redefined by the hard earned experience reflects within mind and discipline as well. It includes 27 grades of marine soldiers and officers.

This is the list of marine officer ranks from lowest to highest form that is categorized by the group of officers. There are seven (7) categories of twenty-seven (27) ranks of a marine start with enlisted and ended with General.

Marine officer ranks

Enlisted rank of marine officer ranks

E-1 (pvt)

It is the entry level rank in this force they wear no rank (insignia). E-1 promoted to private 1st class after a specific duration period.

E-2 (pfc)

It is a very first promoted rank for marines. It is only private paygrade rank in marine where Army has two.


It is the highest marine (enlisted) soldier’s rank as Lance Corporal in enlisted rank.

Noncommissioned marine officer ranks

There are two ranks

E-4 (corporal – cpl) and

E-5 (Sergeant – sgt).

Staff Noncommissioned marine officer ranks

E-6 (Staff sergeant – SSgt)

E-7 (Gunnery Sergeant – GySgt)

E-8 (First Sergeant – 1stSg)

E-8 (Master Sergeant – Msgt)

E-9 (Master Gunnery Sergeant – MgySg)

E-9 (Sergeant Major – SgtMa)

E-9 (Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps – SgtMa)

Warrant marine officer ranks

W-1 (warrant officer 1 – WO1)

W-2 (Chief warrant officer 2 – Cw2)

W-3 (Chief warrant officer 3 – Cw3)

W-4 (Chief warrant officer 4 – CW4)

W-5 (Chief warrant officer 5 – CW5)

Commissioned marine Officer ranks

O-1 (Second Lieutenant – 2stLt)

O-2 (First Lieutenant – 1stLt)

O-3 (Captain – Capt)

Field Marine officer ranks

O-4 (Major – Maj)

O-5 (Lieutenant Colonel – LtCol)

O-6 (Colonel – Col)

General marine officer ranks

O-7 (Brigadier General – BGen)

O-8 (Major General – MajGen)

O-9 (Lieutenant General – LtGen)

O-10 (General – Gen)