In The Navy Guide 2016

It pays to be in the navy 2016

In the navy 2016, one can learn a lot and grow themselves. Young people this days are advised to join the navy after completing their education. It is a great opportunity and an honor to be among the people who fight so as to ensure that the shore is safe at all times. Officers in the navy are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the sea routes from the enemies,air support, providing assistance to the groups working in the land and bringing in supplies. They may be required to take up other duties depending on the location one is working. In the navy, you can serve as a naval officer or an enlisted member. Naval officers are required to have certain academic qualifications and then take up a full course at the naval academy. Enlisted members don’t take up a lot of training. All you are required to do is pass some physical and medical exams and then join a training camp for a few weeks. Below are some of the benefits of being in the navy 2016.

You get an attractive remuneration in the navy

One of the benefits of being a naval officer is that you get a good remuneration. You should however take up the job only if you are passionate about it not only for the remuneration. Other than the basic remuneration, officers are also entitled to other allowances. Most states give housing and food allowances to the officers. With a good remuneration, you will be able to pay your bills back home and have some left overs for saving and investment. On retirement, naval officers are entitled to a good retirement package. Therefore you do not have to worry about life after the navy.


In the navy 2016

Great healthcare benefits in the navy

Healthcare can be expensive especially if you do not have a medical cover. As an officer in the navy, you will be given a medical cover not only for you but for your primary family as well. After retirement, the state may allow you to keep the benefits at a reasonable annual fee.

You gain useful skills and knowledge in the navy

Another huge benefit of working in the navy 2016 is that you gain skills and knowledge that will make you a better person and prepare you for other opportunities. The skills and knowledge gained can be used to get a job in the private sector or even in the government. You will also be able to serve your community better when you are away from the navy.