How To Know About US Air Force ROTC scholarships

Today, most of the students are facing a hard time paying off their education charges. This is the reason why most of the students take loans which takes years to be repaid in US Air Force.

US Air Force ROTC scholarships can be one of the easiest ways of overcoming all financial hardships faced by college students. As per the guidelines of the scholarship the students are provided with tuition fee, books and other school related expenses along with some extra money for spending.

Types of US Air Force ROTC scholarships

To cater to the needs of students from all levels, ROTC scholarships have been divided into various forms.
1.High school students: Under its high school scholarship program the students are provided with 3 and 4 years of scholarship. This program has been further divided into three types.

Type1: This type provides the students with full tuition fee along with additional $900 for books annually. On an estimate about 4% of the scholarship winners are offered this type of scholarship which is related to the technical field.

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Type2: This category of scholarship provides full redemption of the tuition fee along with other fee ranging up to $18,000. About 20% of the winners of scholarships are offered this plan. Thus, if the students join an institution which charges more then $18,000 the remaining amount has to be paid by the student himself.

Type7: This plan too provides full redemption of college fee along with $900 for books annually but the students have to select a university/college which charges less than $9,000 as fee.

In college scholarship program (ICSP)
This is the second types of scholarship offered and is opened to college freshmen and second year students. The scholarship program comes along two year selection process while the students are granted Type2 scholarship of $15,000 per year, Type3 scholarship of $9,000 per year and Type6 scholarship of 3,000 per year. To qualify for the plan the students must be a citizen of United States, pass the US Air Force ROTC Physical Fitness Test and the US Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. The student should not be a recipient of any other scholarship and must showcase atleast 2.5 cumulative college grade points.

US Air Force – Enlisted scholarships

US Air Force ROTC is actively involved in providing the students with scholarship programs through thousands of listed schools. This iswith the main motive of encouraging the best out of the students. It should be noted that the programs and requirements keep on changing depending upon the officer production and scholarship requirements. Some of the scholarships currently available to the students include:

ASCP: This program allows the enlisted personals to separate from active duty while receiving $15,000 as scholarship annually. The students can avail the funds even while pursuing their commission at US Air Force ROTC.