How Long Is Navy Boot Camp And What It Involves?

How Long Is Navy Boot Camp 2016

The first question every potential enlister for navy boot camp is how long is navy boot camp? In this case to with a defined 8 weeks as the standard time in which it runs, getting an introduction to what navy boot camp entails is vital. This way one can is able to not only go through the weeks without dropping out, but also graduate at the end with the necessary skills transforming from a civilian to a sailor. This comes about as with a careful read one gets mentally prepared of the task ahead, making transition easier for all enlisters as the necessary skills to perform onboard a fleet are attained. With the question how long is navy boot camp, dividing it into the eight weeks will give one a simple guide on what to expect.

Week 1- introduction “How Long Is Navy Boot Camp”

In the first week issuing of clothing, teachings on storage and how to fold of clothes and making of beds. Physical examination on every recruiter is also done. For navy basic skills, all enlisters will be tested on marching, swimming, drilling and navy classes amongst others.

How Long Is Navy Boot Camp
Week 2 – team work and confidence

Answering the question how long is navy boot camp and what it involves; week two may just be the most important. This arises as emergency situations on board are practiced and coming together as a team is its core value to ensure all stay alive.

Week 3- little bit of everything

Basically known as hands on, one is sure to learn on shipping naming’s, signs of the flag meanings, first aid techniques, laws of conflict, communication onboard, customs aircraft and identification amongst others. This week physical training tests are also carried out.

Week 4 weaponry and live fire

With the question how long is navy boot camp and what it involves to answer, week 4 is all about guns and other weapons. Opportunities to train will arise with various guns and an upgrade to live range will come. Still taking of graduation photos and a test on what one has learned so far will be done.

Week 5- career

This is principally on what one wants to do in future and what one is willing to do to get there fast.

Week 6- fire safety

With fleet ships holding hundreds of lives at any moment, fire safety is taught to all enlisters. This is regardless if one may have already gone through fire safety classes before, and wonder how long is navy boot camp will be without fire safety week. Ship safety techniques, extinguishing fires and closing of water tight doors, together with using oxygen breathing apparatus will be taught. However a little pressure will be placed to ensure composure is withheld even without safety apparatus.

Week 7- Battle stations

This navy boot camp week comprises of 12 different scenarios of worst case scenarios. Every team will be tested on ability to handle tasks as learned from all previous weeks.

Week 8- graduation

To answer how long is navy boot camp; week 8 will be all about graduation after learning all the core values of the navy.