FM 3-21.8 Movement

The Basic Principles Of Infantry Rifles and Movement In FM 3-21.8:

The U.S army has produced various important field manuals for the training and guidance of its soldiers and subordinates. These army field manuals are around 650 in number and each one of these manuals cover different topic relevant to the training of U.S army. The instructions on the usage of weapons, physical fitness, army operations, leadership and various other important topics can be found in these army field manuals. One of these great army manuals is FM 3-21.8 which is a complete guide on infantry rifles and mobility of soldiers in the battlefield. This manual covers all the necessary information required for learning about the infantry operations, selection and usage of correct weapons etc.

FM 3-21.8

Components Of FM 3-21.8:

The field manual 3-21.8 is a complete package for army officials as it contains all essential topics from the leadership to the tactics required by an infantry in the combat. This manual is divided into nine major chapters. Each chapter has handy training guidelines that can help a soldier in becoming the best part of the army. The topics covered in this valuable manual include, employing fires, basics of infantry platoon and squad operations, tactical movement, control/command and troop-leading methods, offensive and defensive operations, sustainment, protection or defense procedures and patrolling. In short, everything that is required by an infantry leader and infantry soldiers on the battlefield is published in the FM 3-21.8.

Who Should Read FM 3-21.8?

Usually all army field manuals are read by the soldiers and army officials but nowadays other people who have interest in army also read them. The manual FM 3-21.8 is created chiefly for the platoon sergeants, infantry rifle platoon leaders, and squad and fire team leaders. However, it is also popular among U.S Army Training And Doctrine Command (TRADOC) school teachers, army officers, military academic teachers, authors of infantry training books, Reserve Officer Training Candidate (ROTC) and many other people who are related to army in some way and among people who want to join army in future.

FM 3-21.8

Importance Of Reading FM 3-21.8:

For army officials, specifically recently joined soldiers, reading FM 3-21.8 is very beneficial and effective. It is because; the content of this manual helps soldiers improving their battlefield skills. It teaches them to be more intelligent, active and alert and defense till the last drop of blood shed from their blood. It teaches them to use their strength at the correct time and choose the most appropriate weapon during the combat. The defensive and offensive operation is also explained in detail which motivates soldiers to defeat the foes and seize the ground and never give up. Different challenging situations are also discussed for giving soldiers an idea of difficulties that can encounter them in future. Worth of leadership is also mentioned in FM 3-21.8, which encourages infantry leaders to be more sincere towards their goals. Numerous important tactics for accomplishing the missions are also found in the manual that would be a great help for soldiers during the combats.