FM 21-20 MANUAL 2016

FM 21-20 is a manual that was made with the intention to be used by leaders in charge of training and enhancing physical fitness of soldiers. The manual is made up of guidelines on how the leaders can go about enabling the soldiers to achieve physical fitness and maintain it in the long run. This manual is very important and can be used by the soldiers themselves if they want to improve their physical fitness. This is because the manual is easy to understand. The manual is very important for soldiers because they have to be in good physical condition if they are to go on missions and leave having achieved success in the mission. FM 21-20 was made in a way that it conforms to the principles that can be found in FM 25-100. It is a manual that has helped a lot of soldiers in training for war.

FM 21-20 Army Physical Fitness Test

It is not enough for soldiers to use the FM-21-20 manual. Once the soldiers are done with training, they need to undergo an army physical fitness test as per FM 21-20. This test is found in chapter 14 of FM 1-20. The test basically deals with assessing whether or not the soldier is fit enough to go into war. In order to go to war a soldier needs to be able to use their major muscles and have a healthy cardio vascular system. This is what the test looks for.

FM 21-20

FM 21-20 Evaluation Methods

In order to ensure that every soldier is fit enough to go into war, the leaders use different evaluation methods. Testing is one of the methods used. In testing, the leader is able to tell if the soldier is capable of using major muscles and whether their heart is in good condition. Inspection, observation and medical examinations are also used to ensure soldiers are in the right physical state to go into war.

FM21-20 Test Administration

The FM 21-20 test to assess fitness is only done by the leaders. Soldiers are not allowed to administer the test themselves. This is done in order to ensure that a soldier does not give wrong information about their physical fitness. Every leader is supposed to only allow the physically fit individuals to go into war in order to avoid any bad outcomes.

In conclusion the FM 21-20 is very important for all soldiers as it enables them to go under training and do tests that allow them to go into war. This ensures that every soldier in war is supposed to be in war.