FM 20-21 Influences Soldiers

FM 20-21 Influences Soldiers To Stay In Shape

U.S army has released various field manuals for the betterment and training of its soldiers. All of these field manuals emphasize on some specific topics like use of weapons, leadership, interrogation etc. One of these useful army field manuals is FM 20-21 which is specifically designed to guide about the importance of physical fitness for the soldiers.

FM 20-21

History Of FM 20-21:

In 1940s, when soldiers were recruited in the American army, the senior officers realized that the modern ways of life has made American men very idle, flabby and weak. They rejected numerous men due to their medical conditions and weakness and the people they selected for military training were also not very active and strong. Therefore, they decided to give them special physical fitness training. For the same reason, a new field manual for physical training called FM 20-21 was published in 1941. Later, the revised edition of FM 20-21 with better training guidelines and exercises was published 1946. The tips and exercises in the manual proved to be great help for the soldiers as they quickly became more active, agile and strong.

Content Of FM 20-21:

FM 20-21 is basically a handy book of physical training which is divided into some chapters on the basis of specific topics. These chapters are also sub divided into some headings. These divisions make the manual easy to read and understand. This manual contains all the necessary topics associated with physical fitness, like, fitness exercises, nutrition, body’s flexibility tips, body’s composition, muscular strength, cardiorespiratory fitness etc. Many useful exercises are embedded in it which have ability to keep soldiers active and in shape. Special diet plans with the explanations about healthy food is also mentioned which teaches soldiers to eat healthy and stay healthy. All this training and physical fitness is essential for soldiers as it helps them in doing their job in better way.

FM 20-21

The FM 20-21 manual also contain several illustrations like charts, tables and diagrams which makes it interactive and easy to understand. The soft copies of this manual are also available on the internet. Thus, people who love to stay healthy and fit can get it online.

Significance Of FM 20-21:

The importance of physical fitness is admitted by the world today. FM 20-21 was first released for the physical training of the U.S soldiers which were lazy and idle. The exercises, nutrition and other tips published in this field manual helped greatly to those soldiers and they became agile, healthy and active. This fitness aided them in fighting against the enemies and serving their nation in better way. This manual is about seventy years old but still it serves the soldiers of USA in staying active and healthy.

In addition to army, FM 20-21 is really popular among young men who wish to stay in shape. Many people download its PDF versions or purchase it online. Several people, who are ambitious to join the army, also read it with interest and get benefits from it.