Army ranks in order must be understood all the time

Army ranks in order are different in all countries depending on the system set up. For example in the United States, the army has nine rank levels. The primary purpose as to why the military exists is to serve and protect the nation and its people. It is considered to be one of the toughest jobs because it involves putting your own life on the line. It requires a lot of discipline, hard work, patience and dedication in order to be successful on the job. It is imperative to know all the ranks in the system because as someone continues to serve in excellence the more they will be growing in rank. With each Army ranks in order come additional responsibilities including a number of people who are under you. There is what you are supposed to do and how you are to treat those under you and those over you. All protocols have to be observed at all times.

Symbols for the army ranks in order

With every army ranks in order, there is a symbol and an abbreviation associated with it. That way no introduction is required and everyone knows their position. It is a prerequisite for each soldier to have a logo on their uniform signifying their rank. Basically these symbols are placed on the sleeves and collar of their shirt. This way they are always visible. The logos are basically two stripes one facing up and the other one down. They are known as the chevron and the arc respectively.

Army rank in order
Levels of the army ranks in order

The lowest army ranks in order is known as the private while the highest is the sergeant major. The levels then follow the following order: PV2, Private first class, the corporal, sergeants, staff sergeant, sergeant first class, lieutenant, master sergeant and lastly sergeant major after serving for many years.

Summary on army ranks in order

The armies, major responsibilities lies in what is called the land based operations. They are supposed to protect security and peace in the region and all other occupied territories. They are also supposed to confront any national threat on the nation, like terrorism in the modern days. These structures can change as time goes by depending on the challenges and current situations. It has also been suggested that these ranks are very efficient and should be incorporated in the business organizational structure.