Army PT Test Standards Details and Fitness Level 2016

US Army PT Test standards are one of the hardest in the world. Cadets joining the United States army are required to take a physical test which includes push up, sit up and a time fixed two miles run. The cadets are required to score a minimum of 60 points in each event and 50 points in total in order to pass the rigorous Army PT Test standards.
The tests are conducted according to the procedure mentioned in chapter 14 of Physical Fitness Training, Army Field Manual 20 to 21.

  1. Army PT Test Standards and Events:

The events of Army PT Test Standards are mentioned in Army Physical Readiness Test, Army Field Manual 20-21. Before starting each event, the rules, regulations and Army PT Test standards are read aloud which are followed by a demonstration under the guidance of an officer. The events include sit ups, push ups, and two miles run. The push up measures the capacity of the shoulders, chest and tricep muscles. The sit up measures the capacity of hip muscles and abdominal while the two miles run is used to measure your overall fitness and legs’ endurance.

  1. Scoring in Army PT Test Standards:

Scoring in Army Physical Training test depends upon the age and gender. The average score ranges from 0 to 100 points and a minimum 60 is required in each event to pass the test. The passing of the test depends upon the overall score in all the three tests. If you are able to cross army PT Test Standards, your total score can range from 200 to 300.

Army PT Test Standards
The candidates who have a medical problem which prevents them from crossing the army PT test standards, aerobic test events are authorized. The scoring in these events is simply Pass or Fail and the standards are based on age and gender.

  1. Army PT Test Standards:

The military PT Test Standards depends upon age and gender and this has created a huge controversy in the recent years. Females, for instance, are given three minutes to complete just 20 push ups in the 17 to 20 age group while males are given just three minutes to complete 4 push ups. It is true that males and females have physical difference but the duties in the army are almost the same for all soldiers and officers. So the standards of the United States Physical Test should be same for both the genders.
Before going for the test, it is important to do some practice. Get a stop watch and try to complete the physical test within the fixed time frame. This will help you to clear the test within the fixed time frame.