Army Boot Camp Importance

An army boot camp is a training course, that you can take if you want to become a soldier and serve your country. There are certain courses, that you can learn all about the basic tactics and survival skills, in case you find yourself in a war state. Moreover you learn how to shoot, march and rappel, along with the basics of army life and military customs.

The basic training in an army boot camp

When you join an army boot camp, you are prepared for all elements of service, such as physical, emotional and mental. The training actually gives you all the ‘necessary’ tools that you need to have, in order to perform the certain roles that you’ll be asked during your course. A basic program usually begins by training and participating in field exercise, while at the same time you learn the importance of teamwork. Keep in mind, though, that each of the services has its own special training program. No matter which branch of the service you will choose as a recruit, remember that the basic training can be an intense experience for you.

Army Boot Camp

Purpose of training in an army boot camp

The main goal of the training is for you to learn all about the military. However, 90% of the newcomers are able to compete only the first 6 months of serving in the army. But make no mistake: the real purpose of this special training is not to ‘break’ you, but to make you stronger. In fact, the combination of physical training with the special exercises in the fields and the classroom time can make you capable for serving the army. Although it’s a tough process, it’s also a rewarding one, in the sense that many service members value for life.

Before joining the army boot camp

If you have already decide to join an army boot camp, you have to make sure to be prepared accordingly; both physically and mentally. For example, you can begin training yourself by performing certain exercises within a day, such as push-ups or sit-ups. Moreover, you should eat healthy and check your weight. Above all, you should be able to test yourself to abide by a strict program. In addition, before joining an army boot camp, you should delegate personal affairs to friends of family, so you will be able to focus entirely on your training period. Make sure you’ll have to figure out who will collect your mails or pay your bills.

Army boot camp orientation

Even though each service has different training programs, the orientation process is basically the same. By starting at orientation, your actual training in the army boot camp begins. You should take certain physical and medical exams, receive uniforms, like shorts and T-shirts, do the appropriate haircut and get immunizations.