Armed Forces Vacation Club

Enjoy Great Offers and Recreational Activities At Armed Forces Vacation Club

If you have ever thought about a fun way to spend your nice time, then you better find out about armed forces vacation club where everything is tailor made to the US armed forces. If you are a retired officer, guard, or an active member of American army, then smile you eligible to enjoy your vacation in great fantasy. Do I have to pay subscription fee to become a member? I think I have heard you right, the answer is a No, there is in no membership fee required for any serving officer or retired United States army office. The club comes with many unique and comprehensive offers.

Armed Forces Vacation Club

Armed Forces Vacation Club Space A Resort-Rentals:

Space A resort rentals constitute some of the most luxury accommodation with all services inclusive, if you are looking for a place where you are treated like a King as you unwind after a long period of duty, then, I do propose this category of resort rentals. Let’s see what you get and at how much:

  1. a) A whole family self-contained units.
  2. b) Fully furnished with self-catering facilities, you can also hire catering services or eat at restaurants.
  3. c) All inclusive room services like what you find in exclusive members club.
  4. d) Full kitchen with everything you need to prepare your meals.
  5. e) Well taken care of bedrooms which are fully furnished with best bedding’s and linens.
  6. f) Hot water bathtubs and serenaded patios for sun basking.

Social Amenities:

Most of these vacation destinations have many social amenities that will make you stay fun, the US Army management has made sure that you enjoy yourself and relax. Some of the many facilities that you will find there include; on-site pools where you can enjoy swimming before relaxing in a reclined chair-bed basking in the sun. You can choose to take your breakfast outside near the beach or enjoy your moonlit dinner with friends.

Recreational Facilities At Armed Forces Vacation Club:

There is too much to enjoy once you set foot at any of our armed forces vacation site, you can’t be bore once there since you will find many fun and recreational activities. Some of the recreation and leisure activities include; Outdoor Recreation, arts and crafts, automotive skills, bowling, music and theater, sports and fitness, Better opportunities for single soldiers (BOSS), and much more.

There is much to enjoy once you set out to attend any of the armed forces vacation club, you can chose any destination according to your taste, whether Se-dona AZ, Myrtle Beach, SC or any destination of your liking. Armed forces vacation club is designed with you in mind.